What will happen whenever you ask 200 ladies for intercourse on Tinder?

In this

Tinder research

we performed therefore. But

with a-twist


We made two various style of users.


Terrible kid

and another

great guy


All of them wished the exact same thing:


Perform women wanna select the quick nighttime adventure together?

And who had been more lucrative? The terrible boy, or even the good man?

In this post you are getting:

  • 15 Tinder test

    screenshot examples

  • 7 Holy Tips to steal some knowledge out of this task
  • 3 raw Tinder profile errors that plummeted one profile’s loves
  • 2 no-cost content pastable bios
  • 1 Tinder Social Experiment that had gotten my TextGod mentor prohibited


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Component 1: The brilliant plot

It all began whenever among my personal TextGod mentors and that I watched a YouTube video clip.

a route known as “LeenaDProductions” did videos in which they tried whom becomes a lot more swipes on Tinder.

I desired to replicate that entire social research making use of my self as examination subject matter.

Merely to ensure things are accomplished precisely without email address details are controlled.

Besides, it appeared to be a lot of enjoyment accomplish.

We labeled as right up my personal camera guy / professional photographer therefore we got together for this.

We in the offing just what style of pictures we might take.

We came up with two figures:

Initial might be

The Poor child

. He is the kind of guy that:

  • Flaunts alcoholic drinks
  • Flaunts cash money
  • Flaunts muscles

He additionally takes on the guitar and do not smiles.

(i really like just how cliché we made him haha)

The 2nd guy might possibly be

The Cool Chap

. He’d change the guitar for a cute ukulele. In addition, the guy:

  • Smiles during the existence of their fluffy pet
  • Trips a bike
  • Reads artwork publications

This Tinder test wouldn’t end up being full without offering each figure an installing bio.

Why don’t we check out both biography’s plus the photographs.

2: generating the Douchebag’s Tinder profile

It isn’t really quite simple to create a douche case and gentleman profile.

My coach and I had conversations regarding the correct language when it comes down to two figures.

Is actually he a


, like during the original video?

Is actually he similar to an




douche bag

? A

Terrible child

? A



Which are the differences between all these labels?

And exactly how do you display all of them inside Tinder pictures?

We wound up naming him a ‘Bad kid’ in fact, he is a variety of all of these tags.

He could be a person that’s similar to exactly what all of these labels recommend.

Therefore, let us take a good look at their photos.

Visualize #1

Its a man in a fit flowing whiskey from upwards full of a fancy cup in the center of the road.

If this isn’t about somewhat


, then wat is actually?

Holy Tip


The first photo should show merely your mind and torso.

The picture you see right here is the initial file. On Tinder we cropped for the legs. I’ll demonstrate in a bit.

A factor I really hate about that image, is that you can not see my sight.

Holy Suggestion:

Always put on display your sight within very first photo.

We thought this insufficient eye visibility would lessen all of our suits. Therefore we mentioned going for this
Tinder photograph
as an alternative:

Bam. Direct eye contact together with the lens (or perhaps the woman examining your profile).

The difficulty we have found that immediate eye contact increases results when smiling.

And although i’ve one thing back at my face that appears like an impoverishment effort at a grin, it’s just not gonna make the grade.

Therefore we did some rapid make sure plumped for picture top rated instead.

Visualize #2

I wouldn’t say this can be an Æssh0le picture per se.

But it does have a negative son vibe to it.

Absolutely a fairly badass searching electric guitar in a candlight club.

a guitar that I in the morning


to tune, because We have no clue how exactly to either play or tune a guitar.

I am having a bit of a frown to my face to help make me appear all concentrated and critical.

Not only that we’re blinking a touch of the tattoo back at my supply hoping to truly have the photo look a tad rougher.

Visualize #3


I simply need certainly to chuckle every time We see this image.

It really is so outrageous.

It is a nude man getting showered in bank records while flexing their bicep. Using flashy glasses IN.

I advice you to never make a photograph similar to this for the profile.

But we actually desired to add this mega ridiculous image. In order to actually cement the idea this particular guy is certainly a little bit of a douche.

We later on learned that this picture has a strong influence on the last results of this Tinder experiment.

Picture #4

My personal god. I don’t know which picture is actually a lot of unsavory. The money shower or this fitness center pic?

Don’t get me completely wrong: working-out is excellent and I advice you to do this. Not just the evident health and fitness benefits but also for the online dating life. Both offline and online.

Holy Suggestion:

If you have a sports human body you’re pleased with, then display it in an artsy or “organic” environment (swimming or playing from the beach eg).

Never ever in an over presented gym photo similar to this one, or a mirror selfie.

This picture together with the frustrated gaze, the tight tank leading, additionally the neck blood vessels popping on, is actually a

no go

. It really is everything most women should not see on your own
Tinder profile

Phew, that’s sufficient braggy images for one day. Let us have a look at others man!

Step three: generating the sweet Guy’s Tinder profile

Chances are you see your self more as a pleasant guy than a terrible boy. Should this be the fact, then this profile could hold some valuable instructions for your family.

So let’s go through the Bad boy’s challenger.

Whenever determining their title we had several possibilities once more:

The Nerd?

The Geek?

The Wonderful guy? The great guy? The Gentleman?

We are going to contact him the great man but we want him showing a little bit of all those brands.

Let us check out 1st pic.

Picture no. 1

Bang bang bang!

I really like this image for Tinder.

Here’s precisely why:

  • It’s got a warm and honest vibe
  • There’s kind of a grin
  • It really looks like an enjoyable guy

Besides there’s a coffee and an (art) publication. Two things that most ladies fancy.

The crop is not best however, but once again: this is the initial photo. Back at my Tinder profile we adjusted this.

Using this picture aswell, we considered an alternate:

Truly i believe this package is much more attractive.

Although it doesn’t suit the good man buzz as perfectly.

When looking at both pictures, the coaches and that I consented that the very first photograph seems friendlier. And it is therefor more installing for this Tinder experiment.

Holy Suggestion:

The color plan utilized for this picture is named ‘Teal Magenta’. It is a filter included in numerous movies.

It is popularity arrives and continues on Instagram.

Picture number 2

It is not because badass as an electric guitar.

It’s the smaller, more innocent variation: the ukulele.

We included this image giving the great guy some extra character.

Provided that men and women do not identify this photo with irritating men and women vocal ‘Wonderwall’ around a campfire, we’re good.

Visualize # 3


It’s a person on a bike.

I’m not sure about you, but we associate transportation by cycle with being eco friendly.

We thought our wonderful man might have one picture on a bike. With a good water fountain into the back. Exactly what a cozy guy.

It isn’t really a photo I’d actually choose me to take my dating profile. However you will shortly determine if it sang really or perhaps not.

One information let me see different, may be the eyes once again. They may be concealed during the shadow. As long as they happened to be obvious, the picture would exhibit much more trustworthiness.

Picture # 4

Undoubtedly my favorite great guy image.

Could it be your favorite aswell?

It’s really difficult for me to laugh in a photo. But somehow it truly worked well right here.

Possibly because Meatballs (the fluffy creature to my straight back) had been beside me. Perhaps one of the recommended kitties around.

Holy Idea:

If you possess the substitute for have a photo with an animal within profile, make use of it.

indicates over repeatedly that your
Tinder achievements
increases when you have have actually a photo with a pet.

Holy Idea:

Eye contact
because of the camera while showing a big laugh is regarded as your own most effective weapons.

That was the 4


and finally great guy picture.

Step three: the entire pages + bio!

Let us take a glance both done users:

The Bad child vs The sweet man.

Now before we make these pages noticeable and now have all of them compete for fits, we need a
Tinder bio
for every of these.

I gave the terrible kid that one:

“probably out of your league but hey, every chance you don’t take it a trial you neglect.”

The nice guy opted for:

“i love squirrels.”

Motivated because of the celebrated meme within this video clip:

But Really don’t like turtles, we had some in major college and one bit myself.

I prefer squirrels. I truly perform.

So we opted for that.

Alright. Those tend to be both bios.

Now we are prepared to see just who will get the majority of right swipes.

Place the wagers!

That do you might think will collect the majority of suits?

Type your solution during the feedback and don’t you dare cheat!

Step 4: The fight + results!

The outcomes were rather shocking. We really don’t see this coming.

Discover how exactly we sized the popularity of both records.

We used two reports.

My account and coach Daniel’s membership.

We provided both Tinder Gold. Listed here is the reason why:

  • Same
  • Passport function to test them in identical cities
  • Tinder Gold’s “loves You” purpose teaches you every person that swiped you correct

Specially that last purpose is extremely important for us.

Permits you to see exactly how many suits both pages have obtained.

Coach Daniel and I also sat next to both and chosen New York City as the first examination city.

We activated the profiles at exactly the same time… following we waited.

Which profile would get liked 100 instances 1st?

(as found by the “loves You” function).

In New York City it absolutely was the cool man that got to 100 loves initial.

Likewise, the Poor kid was actually merely at 70.

That is very an impact.

Do you count on the outcomes on the social test?

My mentors and that I happened to be a bit surprised.

Specially since in Leena D’s video, the


performed a lot better as compared to wonderful guy.

To be sure these outcomes just weren’t geographically sure, we ran round two examinations somewhere else.

In britain’s attractive capital city: London.

(in addition, we penned an entire tips guide about
Tinder in London

We used the identical approach as with new york:

Unveiling both profiles on top of that and wishing until one profile got to 100
wants on Tinder

Results had been very various here.

Not that the Bad son quickly trumped the cool man.

Rather the opposite…

Now the Wonderful man visited 100 likes while the Poor son had been only at 44(!) loves.

This means the cool guy had more than


the terrible kid’s matches.


a rough K.O. for all the douche bag.

Today naturally we can’t say precisely why one profile outperformed additional so terribly.

But we could create several calculated assumptions.

You’re that the Āssh0le never ever can make eye contact. Not in one picture.

Someone else is that the cash bath while the fitness center photo are way too a lot.

Going over the utmost effective can frequently be useful.

But merely to a specific degree.

In the event that you scroll upwards slightly and check out the assessment of both profiles, it’s hard to feel empathy for all the left guy. Whereas the right man looks more pleasurable to-be about.

This experiment also demonstrates that money and muscle groups aren’t always a good thing on the internet. And they are not needed to
get some matches

Today why don’t we go directly to the final element of this Tinder social research.

Step 5: You’re sweet. Why don’t we bang.

How did girls respond once we blatantly asked them for sex?

The test was actually over and then we wanted to get back to our personal profiles.

Exactly what about each one of these suits we amassed and failed to talk with?

We realized we could make a move interesting together with them inside the title of technology.

Something didn’t eat 69 several hours of time expense.

That’s whenever we got fascinated…

…which profile would get the best reactions whenever blatantly inquiring to BANG.

As with literally delivering the opener:

The outcomes happened to be quite interesting.

(although there are definitely better methods
to get laid on Tinder

Why don’t we glance at some screenshots in the responds:

So I persisted:

Most women just weren’t amused with this specific line.

Not that we anticipated whatever else from boring, uncalibrated, sexual opener.

Needles to state, many women failed to bother reacting.

But showing you 100 screenshots of ”

You are pretty, why don’t we bang

“, would-be über incredibly dull.



is actually a pretty great summary of all responds.

This woman wasn’t the banging kind.

The second woman conversely, does like some type of banging:

Hey, about this woman stimulates fun out of a miserable circumstance!

Hahaha ”

Work some for this twat

“. Genius.

Today some females seemed more daring, but, exactly like this final screenshot mentioned, required much more wooing.

Only one hundred

“, on each account.

Which was certainly one of the best responses within whole Tinder test.

Hey about we don’t get dismissed right here.

Even the ladies that opened with a match were not browsing instantaneously accept to some “banging”.

(This lady calls me Daan (Dan) because she had been conversing with the Nice man profile to my friend Dan’s telephone.)

Oh, imagine who’s back?

Seemingly the woman buddy did discover offer appealing.

Today just because some one states these include interested does not mean is in reality going on. There’s nonetheless lots of time and area to screw right up just before in fact reach bangerang.

Ah, eventually somebody that really does value all of our passionate provide.

Did this take place only once?

Nope, listed here is a second woman prepared for a natural adventure.

You choose to go woman, you do whatever you fancy!

And last but most certainly not least:

Seemingly New York City isn’t really big enough for 2 Louis.

Now you have for a beautiful, strong, and philosophical conclusion.

Holy Suggestion:

If you like some lines that will really help you get put, without sneaking the woman out…

…then inspect my personal
10 Text That Always Work
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Really don’t charge because of it, get it free-of-charge

Action 6: The Final Outcome

To be truthful I do not actually know what you’re considering this.

You simply noticed some screenshots of girls saying no.

But you in addition watched some girls doubting.

Some also blatantly stated ”

let us try this


So you could feel a craving to go spam these things at the same time. In the event that you distribute sufficient messages, you’ll find someone to join you for a round of wet room acrobatics.

Or possibly you’re looking only at that experiment, thinking: ”

Lol, nice research bro. I’d bang at breeze of my personal fingers if I had how you look.

In The Event You carry out feel lured to test this…


First, one of many reports performed
get banned from Tinder
this is why personal experiment.

RIP Kind Man Louis. May he relax in comfort.


The percentage of ladies agreeing to this proposal had been extremely reduced. While you’re thinking:

“I do not care and attention when it’s extremely reasonable. Certain were right down to bong, and that I like bonging”

Reasonable enough. But let’s imagine they weren’t more appealing females out there.

And that I’m wording this the great way.

The women I absolutely liked failed to bother texting back. They usually have plenty of better choices. Dudes that book a lot more interesting stuff than this experiment.

If In Case you are the man blaming the success of the opener to my personal look…

Reasonable enough. About to some degree.

You wont notice me worrying about my personal face.

But when I said, my personal face failed to magically turn this opener into a simple yet effective best way to find one night stand.

In terms of discussions i take advantage of in my own some other articles and videos… those tend to be discussions with females only my sort. Common ladies with options. It isn’t really like they can be {the easi